Help For Heroes invent a beer

help for heroes beer Help for Heroes, the charity that quite literally offers help for heroes, has created a beer.

The Help For Heroes ale will be available in 250 branches of Tesco ahead of Remembrance Sunday. It's a 4.2% abv affair, selling at the reasonable £1.97.

It was developed by three Help for Heroes ambassadors: Pete Dunning, Daniel Whittingham and Simon Brown, together with Marston’s brewer Genevieve Upton.

The whole project was a result of a chance meeting between the co-founder of the charity and Tesco's beer buyer Chaira Nesbitt, who will now speak: “When I heard Bryn was struggling to get a fundraising beer off the ground I was amazed.”

“After he told me the type of ale Help for Heroes was looking to create I promised him the beer would be sitting on Tesco shelves within a year.”

The ale is directed at the lager set, who are BORED of the frivolity of fizz and settling into the ales because of the flavours.

The beer is festooned with the logo: ‘Created by Heroes; Brewed by Marston’s; Enjoyed by Everyone’ and five pence from the sale of each bottle will go to Help for Heroes, which supports the rehabilitation of injured members of the armed forces.

So there you have it. You can finally get drunk in the name of charity and if anyone asks you why you're falling about everywhere (the beer's not that strong so you'll have to buy a load of bottles), you can simply burp: "Just doing my bit!"

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  • Fat H.
    Is this a sick joke? Why didn't they just name the beer Legless?

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