Guinness and other alcoholic tipples to get calorie labels

We've pondered upon this before, but now, possibly in a case of jumping before you are pushed, drinks manufacturer Diageo has said it will voluntarily put nutritional information, including calorie counts on all its labels. The Diageo stable includes drinks like Guinness, Bailey's, Blossom Hill and Smirnoff.

guinnessCurrently alcoholic drinks are still exempt from nutritional labelling, but Diageo wants to "help the health conscious and tackle binge drinking" by going the extra mile and providing details of fat, protein, carbs and calories alongside alcohol content on its drinks labels "as soon as is practical". The sticking point at the moment is that Diageo are trying to agree with EU regulators on the standards serving size- not only is per 100ml probably misleading, as drinks are not normally drunk in those quantities, given EU metric measures, will Diageo be permitted to have a standard serving size of the metrically-untidy 568ml?

Chief Exec of Diageo, Ivan Menezes said "Currently there is no obligation to provide alcohol content and nutrition information per typical serve," but said that the company has decided it wants to "provide alcohol and nutritional information that consumers can quickly understand, instead of expecting them to do the maths."

While Diageo are not trying to make drinking look healthier, you may remember the old "Guinness is good for you" advertising slogans that were banned in the eighties. Nevertheless a US study in 2005 suggested drinking Guinness has similar effects to taking aspirin, helping prevent blood clots and heart attacks. The health benefits of wine are similarly debated with some studies claiming consumption of a small glass of wine a day helps prevent heart failure, while  others claim drinking a large glass of wine per day increases the risk of a stroke.

Either way, you can now work out what the best tipple for your low-carb day is going to be, and calculate just how much twerking you need to do to work off those 3 glasses of wine...



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