Genius man invents best fridge on planet

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a genius. Here is a man who has taught his fridge to fire beer at him while he controls it with his iPhone.

The man is Ryan Rusnak and with the help of machinery and a brain and a cannon and stuff, he’s trained the fridge to spew a can at him whenever he commands it to. Way better than that crash helmet car we showed you earlier on.

The iPhone app that runs it even works in conjunction with a webcam so that the right person in the room gets the beer. Someone give Ryan Rusnak a cheque for a billion dollars and/or the Nobel Booze Prize will you?



  • Paddy
    That is the best invention ever. Obviously not including Apple products...
  • Overworrying W.
    It's all fun and games until one day you put your phone in your pocket and get beaned by a can of beer.
  • victor
    i just dont beleeeeeeve it
  • LanceVance
    Fek me! Just walk over to the fridge, it'd be a lot quicker!!
  • Jim
    Old news is old.
  • bob
  • The B.
    It needs a Big Trak to get the beer and bring it to you.
  • Reverend J.
    Clearly... amen

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