Dominos to deliver your pizza by robot!

Domino's have given you the chance to order a pizza from them with a single button, and now, they might bring your food to you by robot. The molten cheese vendor has been trying out this new technology in New Zealand, and the machine is known as the Domino's Robotic Unit (DRU).

This rascal is a three-foot tall battery-powered unit, which has a compartment for storing 10 pizzas, and keeps them warm too. Apparently, it can make its own way for up to 12.5 miles.

It looks like this

dominos robot

DRU uses sensors so it can keep an eye out for obstacles en route, but what it'll do when a bunch of no good punks beat it up like Johnny Five, and steal the pizzas within, we've no idea.

Either way, you'll be given a code that is unique to you, so when it turns up at your house, you punch the code in, and get your tea.

Once deliveries have been done, it'll go back to the store, and recharge its batteries. One sticking point is the law, which might not like the idea of an unmanned robot driving around, waiting to cause an accident.

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  • Dave
    What's to stop oiks kicking the crap out of this robot whilst it's on its rounds and scoring a delicious pizza?

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