Disgruntled chicken nugget addict in 'ultimate form' drive-thru threat

We all enjoy a chicken nugget meltdown, right? There’s been a few of these over the years, which makes you wonder what they’re putting in the things.

Having said that, ‘Don’t make me assume my ultimate form’ is a pretty exciting thing to shout at a McD’s employee who won’t serve you any nuggets because it’s only 10am…


  • shiftynifty
  • jim
    dont make me assume my ultimate form.... what the shit man??
  • Tweedskin
    "*uninteligible screaming*" Just sums up America really.....and they spelt unintelligible wrong on the subtitles.....
  • bhai s.
    "I will go super saiyan" baal!
  • Dick
    It wold be funnier if the people in the next car that pulled up also asked for chicken nuggets.
  • fibbingarchie
    ‘Don’t make me assume my ultimate form’ I reckon that would be a giant Transformers: Chickenatron, replete with underwing SAMs, AMRAAMs, ICBMs and a Laser. Those dudes are toast!
  • Spencer
    Shocking that A: people didn't catch this back in 2010 and B: People think the audio is real. There were a number of videos on youtube about 3 years ago with folks putting their own sound to it... some of them much funnier than this one... I'm King Kong x2!!! Not sure why this has surfaced now...?

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