Deal Attack! Baileys price war starts but you’re safer with smack

baileys It must be nearly Christmas because the rabid hordes at HotUKDeals have hunted down the first major price reduction on a one litre bottle of Baileys. £10 is normally the usual discounted rate for the big bottles of the lovely gloopy booze but there’s an offer that kicks off today that will get you one for only £9.39.

Better still, the HotUKDeals mob have also found a link to a £2 off voucher that you can use against the new hazelnut flavour of Baileys, bringing the price down to a ludicrously low £7.39.

Mind you, a new report from former government drugs advisor Professor David Nutt says that alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack, so perhaps you should be avoiding the supermarkets and trying to find yourself a reliable local dealer of hard drugs instead.


  • Wonky H.
    It would almost be cheaper to give your hedgehogs a saucer of Baileys than some milk. Well, if the lazy fuckers weren't hibernating.
  • David
    It's amusing looking at them comparing drugs and alcohol. It's very simple - a significant proportion of humans have a genetic tendency to become addicted. They become addicated to what is available. People give up smoking and become addicted to sex, or exercise or alcohol. Alcoholics stop drinking and become zealous New Age or religious nuts. Alcoholism and all other addictions are the symptom of a disease not a disease themselves.
  • Noghar
    You can't compare drugs to alcohol, for the simple reason that alcohol is a drug. It's just been around so long the 'authorities' can't pretend that it is intrinsically evil, the way that they say other drugs are. If course the US tried to ban alcohol once and we all know what a disaster that was. Making other drugs illegal is equally doomed to failure. But by sustaining the myth that alcohol is not a drug, the powers that be manage to maintain a completely hypocritical attitude to two different manifestations of the same problem. Drug addiction is not a legal issue, it's a health issue, and should be treated as such. Interesting to note that nicotine is pretty low down on the list of dangerous drugs, probably because no-one ever spent all their family allowance in one weekend on fags, or crashed a car into a bus queue because they had smoked 20 in a row.
  • MonkeysBum
    Way to go for raising the standard David, I come on here for the "WTF IS DIS REAL" posts and shit about hibernating hedgehogs. If I wanted that highbrow shit I would be on the guardian blog or the times. Please, only post shit here...
  • MonkeysBum
    Debating prohibition now Noghar? Well this is far too intellectual for me, I'm off to bum a fox.
  • David
    Good point, MokeysBum. If I make it clear right here and now that fox piss is equally addictive, am I redeemed?
  • PokeHerPete
    @Noghar Alcohol is not a drug, its a drink.
  • Nobby
    @Noghar - Interesting to note that nicotine is pretty low down on the list of dangerous drugs, probably because no-one ever spent all their family allowance in one weekend on fags I bet someone has.
  • StauntonLick
    WTF IS DIS REAL Someone had to.
  • evil r.
    email me for £10 er wraps :)
  • Rappy D.
    Must be ketamine if it still comes in a wrap, everyone but the crusty ket dealers have moved onto using bags. Still, I'll take a tenners as long as it is a full gram.
  • Paul C.
    Agreed. Evil rappy, you been watching your dad's/carer's copy of Trainspotting again? Wraps. Pah! Welcome to 2010 - just wait for 50 cent's next film to catch up! @Rappy Rappy Doo - There are people who deal Ket in wraps!? Seriously, the amount of loss through leakage etc. Cheap as chips, though. Could be fucking sherbert dip dab they're sniffing for all they know.
  • Rappy D.
    Yeah, I virtually never see ket in anything but wraps or vials - quite rare for me to find ketamine in plastic baggies. Every so often I'll also see people with speed in wraps too. No leakage once you master the fine art of wrap-folding. :-)
  • PokeHerPete
    Wraps? Are these the same type of wraps that are in Old El Pasto fajitas kits? I might be that Im not a drug user but speed in a coriander wrap doesn't sound appetizing to me.
  • Rappy D.
    Exactly the same kind. - learn how to make your own wrap with nothing but a wheat fajita.

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