Coneing attempt fails miserably - the fightback begins

We’re all familiar with coneing, right? It’s the hilarious new trend where people film themselves buying ice cream cones from McDonald’s drive-thru and taking hold of the thing by the ice cream itself as it’s passed to them by the confused McWorker. Ice cream and chaos everywhere. Hugely funny. Apparently.

This video is great. It features an actual coneblock. The McWorker is aware of coneing and sees the attempted move coming, pulling back the cone at the last minute. A stand-off ensues, followed by a coneing fail. Everyone in the world applauds.



  • bingobango
    Well done Mr McDonalds manager - hopefully these two losers will go away from this thinking about what a couple of 'douchbags' they are and perhaps do something productive with their lives. Such as start a community blog with consumer hacks, tips & news. Smash her back doors in though.
  • PokeHerPete
    Its a bit like the stut where websites launch a competition but then just ignore it when its completed. Wether they can't be bothered or didn't receive enough entries, the website just hopes everyone forgets about it so they don't have to dish out the prizes (they didn't have in the first place?).
  • Nick T.
    Jesus but I'd happily give her my cone.
  • Paum
    LoL - I liked the bit with the things
  • The B.
    I gave her my cone but now it's covered in sprinkles and is oozing sauce.
  • Dick
    I gave her my cone but she grabbed it by the top and we both got covered in goodness.
  • james D.
    I find the best way to confuse a mcdonalds employee (at least in swansea) is to pay by contactless payment. Last week I pulled up to a drive through and ordered my food, at the pay window the girl said "put your card in the bottom and enter my pin" I just held my card over the pay terminal, waited for the beep and started to drive off. she said "WAIT", then looked at her screen confused as to why it stated I have paid "you didnt put your card in the bottom" I said, yes it's contactless, see you have signs about it everywhere." She still looked at me confused and blankly so I just drove to the next window and got my food. I think she thought I had hacked her till somehow.
  • BillyBobBobbins
    Since it was an American store couldn't the employee have just shot her? Or have I mis-understood American gun law? The contactless payment does, as James says, baffle my (my as in near to me, I don't own them) local McD staff and they always wonder what magic I just used to make the payment. I'm going for a world record attempt whereby I've paid for my stuff before the card reader has even made it out of the window, Ninja-style.
  • Rich
    Wayhay...two people in Swansea read this blog! :)
  • Arthur's g.
    Wayhay…two people in Swansea read ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶b̶l̶o̶g̶!̶
  • Paddy
    @rich & james, Make that three...
  • urban s.
    a few sprinkles with her! Gorgeous!

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