Commercial Break: Will Ferrell plugs beer for free

We’re all familiar with the idea of top Hollywood star nipping sloping popping over to Japan in order to make a few cool million yen by starring in some credibility-crushing ad that few in the western world will ever get to see.

Now top Hollywood star Will Ferrell has done the opposite, travelling to Davenport, Iowa to star in some ads for their local Old Milwaukee beer. Apparently Ferrell came up with the ads himself and did it all for no fee (but presumably got a few cans of beer to take home with him). Hats off to him.

The idea that the ads won't be seen by a wider audience still applies though - this campaign is only running in and around the Davenport area. And if the ads don’t tickle your funny ribs, here’s Will Ferrell as Harry Caray, interviewing Jeff Goldblum about outer space. It’s never not hilarious.

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  • Dick
    Good man. Ads will go global, shame they don't export the beer. I'd try it based on the ads alone.

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