Commercial Break: Please don’t make us go to this Place

26 April 2012

This one’s currently doing the rounds in the virals – a lightly horrifying promo ad for The Place, a New York restaurant. Getting the proprietor of a business to appear in the ads is rarely a good move and that’s proved here again, although it’s the ‘customers’ that are the most troubling aspects.

Are they real people? Are they acting? How fussy an eater is the woman? What else did they get up to when they were in Argentina? How easy/hard was it for the ad’s director to evoke the woozy feeling that one would experience while on powerful barbituates?


  • Phuck Y.
    I'd like to read a story about how Apple are being sued by the US for price fixing iPad eBooks, not a phucking video of some phucking restaurant! You phucking cretins!
  • James C.
    Fuck You Phuck Yu. This story is AMAZING! It's all about food! I fucking love food, precious precious food. I eat food all day. And because I'm fucking loaded, because I'm famous, I'm going to go to New York this afternoon and eat at the restaurant. Because it looks absolute FANTASTIC. Can you go to New York this afternoon Phuck Yu. NO. Because you're not a famous amazingly talented actor like me.
  • Phuck Y.
    Phuck Yu too, yu phat phucker. Get the pies in you lardy cnut!
  • James C.
    COFFIN PIES FOR EVERYONE. Precious Precious food all round. Because I'm AMAZING! And can afford it. Because I'm loaded me. And famous.
  • Mike H.
    And fat?
  • James C.
    I'm a chunky unit, Mikey. And AMAZING! Don't forget that I'm amazing. And loaded.
  • LanceVance
    Everybody in the Place, Lets go! And get some weed. And speed. And coke. And crack. Then we can be like the "people" in the video.
  • Mr L.
    The music sounds like its from a bad porno :s
  • The P.
    What a bunch of pathetic whiners you Brits are. We're a classy restaurant and bar and you would all be most unwelcome here. Our clientele are of a much higher calibre and our reviews speak for themselves. Enjoy your sausages and mash you third rate little country.
  • Dogturd A.
    Didn't see a fox in the video, so I can only guess it's not worth going.
  • Megan F.
    I love The Place and can be found there all of the time with the cool New Yorkers. Book a table near mine and you can touch my arse.
  • Spluff K.
  • Phuck Y.
    I'd rather have sausage and mash and a cup-o-tea, and roast beef with yorkcestershire puddings than eat at your poxy little restaurant with a bunch of other dicks like yourself.
  • plop
    "It's just like my home, people are treated here like they would be there" They are violently buggered and buried in the basement?
  • Steve
    I'd burn every single one of the annoying cunts alive!
  • Steve
    P.S - The owner looks and sounds like a shit-stabber.
  • The P.
    Typical Britsh looser comments. We should have let the Germans finish you off.
  • The P.
    Obviously we meant loser not looser, our uber cool slipped for a moment, possibly because we've spent 20 minutes trying to come up with pithy intelligent put downs, as you can see we've failed.
  • Rob
    There are so many comments one could make, I just had to close my eyes put my finger down and ...oh, who put this fox here? Smells like blueberries, no whats that black horrid stuff, oh yeah tarmac.
  • rose
    That's what you get when you hire your waiters and waitress to post as cheap actors.

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