Commercial Break: McHeadf**k

There ain’t many slicker brands on the planet than McDonalds. They’re roundly criticised from all angles on a regular basis, to the point where they’ve even set up their own “Honest guv, we’re a decent bunch really” website.

Their hangover-quelling breakfast range aside, their food tastes like crap and most of their staff are either (a) idiots, (b) students who don’t want to be there or (c) idiots who don’t want to be there but haven’t realised it yet.

Anyway, rant over and back to the brand. Millions of people are apparently ‘lovin’ it,’ but did it REALLY all begin like this…?

And if so, how come the golden arches didn’t collapse within months of starting up?

Another question – if McD’s was still the hippy-dippy technicolour paradise as depicted below would you be more inclined to visit their ‘restaurants?’ That’s a yes from us.

And why the hell did they ever get rid of Hamburglar? Cretins.


  • Paul N.
    Hah I love the second video! The volume needs an increase though!
  • Anna
    Thickshake volcanoes! I wish!!

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