Commercial Break: McD's do quite-good-actually coffee ad

17 August 2010

“Hi mum – listen you won’t believe the new acting job I’ve got. Get this – it’s in an advert… for McDonalds!

“It’s amazing. All I have to do is sit underneath a poster on the underground and pretend I’m asleep for a couple of hours every morning. Yeah, I know, it’s not really PROPER acting but it’ll look great on my CV, and it pays and they don’t mind if I actually fall asleep for real!”

“McDonalds think the advert will help people to hate them a bit less what with it being a pretty clever idea and… what’s that? No, I don’t want a job in cousin Steve’s car showroom. I’m an actor for god’s sake.”

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  • Paul
    Insidious indeed, but although the coffee is free, is it as sleppy as advertised?
  • The B.
    A small Nicaraguan child will possibly earn more money and be better treated as a child prostitute than it will picking coffee beans for McDonalds,
  • Michael
    wow clever
  • Mark
    Wow, fake spontaneity to go with their fake sincerity and fake food.
  • Tom
    Did it actually work?
  • Duke
    What's sleppy? Should it say sloppy?

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