Commercial Break: Catch it if you can

If you’re all thinking about what to get your beloved Team Bitterwallet for Christmas, it’s fair to say we’d be quite chuffed with one of these – it’s the Shoot A Brew, and helpfully, it doesn’t spew hot tea everywhere.

No, it’s a remote controlled beer can dispenser that will keep 24 cans of your booze chilled and fire it at you with a range of eight feet. In short then, it’s near-perfection. Only near-perfection because of the frustration you’ll feel while you’re waiting for the contents to settle so that you don’t end up with a faceful of beer. And because it’s hard to catch stuff when you’re shitfaced.

It’s $295 so you lot had best start some kind of collection for us. Otherwise we’ll run the chicken in a can story again.


  • KeithC
    This must be American - but where's the black guy?
  • Spanky
    Tossing. Lol.
  • Nobby
    Definitely good for tossers. Does it toss non-fizzy proper drinks like a bottle of scotch?
  • PokeHerPete
    I will be tossing while watching some soccer on the tivo, y'all.
  • Mark M.
    What a con! That BBQ wasn't even lit. However, I would have happily paid to see one of the septics get a can in the face

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