Commercial Break: Beer in Rio with Paris

As we were always led to believe, someone who is described as an ‘heiress’ usually has shitloads of money orbiting around them, otherwise they would just be known as a ‘person.’

Why is it then that oddly-popular heiress Paris Hilton seems to be as keen as mustard to do almost anything if there’s some cash to be hauled in at the end of it? We recently watched a documentary (if indeed THAT’s the right word) where the oddly-popular Fearne Cotton accompanied Paris to a job where the monied airhead stood around in a VIP area of some club in exchange for a bag of dough.

Then there’s her shameful attempts to become a pop star, actress, novelist, shoe-seller and smell-maker. She’s THIS close to a needless appearance on The One Show. And now… meet Paris Hilton, peddler of Brazilian booze.

Here she is, fannying about in Rio, waving around cans of a drink we’re pretty sure she’s not a regular imbiber of. How much dosh will she make from this ad? Plenty. How can she justify needing said dosh? We’re not sure.

Ah, it says here that her grandfather, the brilliantly-named Baron Hilton, has pledged almost all of his $3 billion fortune to charity, leaving very little for poor Paris to get her well-manicured mitts on. Ah well, as you were love…


  • Denizen
    Possibly because, whilst she is technically an heiress to the Hilton money, there are loads of others involved and she doesn't stand to inherit that much (same thing happened with lots of other rich american families). She has made far more money herself than she would have if she had just waited around. She is *much* smarter than people think she is.
  • Nobby
    Didn't she get $500,000 for turning up to a New Years Eve party?
  • Nobby
    What would you go for? A beer in Rio with Paris, or ... A beer in Paris with Rio?
  • The B.
    Um, didn't her grandad write her out of his will?
  • ElBuc
    That music is the theme to The Man With the Golden Arm - a film about a heroin addict!

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