Chocolate on your fries at McDonald's?

Ever wanted chocolate on your chips? Ever looked at your fries and thought 'hey, these could do with chocolate dribbled on them!'? Well, some people dip their McDonald's fries in chocolate milkshake, so this could well be a thing people want. Of course, the very idea of this could be enough to make someone kick the crap out of their surroundings in anger, but there you go.

Well, McDonald's are doing exactly that, with French fries covered in chocolate sauce. Just look.


No, that other stuff isn't mayonnaise, but rather, customers are going to get a choice of milk or white chocolate (you can have them both at the same time if you like).

What are they called? We're glad you asked - they've been named 'McChoco Potatoes'. Spent ten minutes thinking up that name, eh Maccies?

Of course, these are being tried out in Japan, where McDonald's always do their 'experimental' dishes. Apparently, and according to McDonald's themselves, these rascals have a "wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste", and will be tried out on Japanese people from January 26th.

Would you give them a go, or are you too busy tutting about the very existence of McDonald's in the first place?

What do you think?

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