Chinese paying £200k for whisky

The Chinese really love whisky and, for those with more money than sense, they're willing to pay £200k for it.

"The starting price for a bottle of Johnnie Walker Scotch through the Johnnie Walker House is $3000," said Diageo's Asia-Pacific President Gilberte Ghostine. "It starts at $3000 a bottle and goes up to $300,000 a bottle. And people are paying that."

And people are wise to keep an eye on the Chinese market.

"Eighty percent of Chinese millionaires are below 45 years old. So it's a younger profile than in the US, for example, where only 35% of their millionaires are below 45," Ghostine explained. "The Chinese have an interest in brands with real heritage, history, provenance, craftsmanship and real substance. And this exactly what we have."

Scotch whisky makes up 40% of international spirit imports into China too.

Mr Ghostine said: "It is definitely great for Scotland. Today the Scotch whisky industry is very important for the UK. Every second £134 is being generated by Scotch whisky for the UK and the potential is huge. There is a big correlation between Gross Domestic Product growth in emerging markets and Scotch whisky. The Scotch whisky category is 50% of international spirits market in the whole Asia-Pacific region, and so the potential is very big."

Just wait 'til they discover Buckfast (start stocking up now so you can sell it for inflated prices in the New Year).


  • Zeddy
    It's a good job that the sweaties drink Buckfast and Special Brew. They won't be able to afford Scotch whisky soon.* *Now. They have no money.
  • Marky M.
    Ghostine. What a fab surname. I want that too.
  • Chewbacca
    @Zeddy Sweaties? You're a fucking retard. We have no money? True. You English wanks keep siphoning it off and appease us with free prescriptions and uni courses. Arseholes. Another thing: Please elaborate on why you English can't tell the difference between ground and floor? It's not hard. Jesus Christ.
  • Nick T.
    Yeah Zeddy, what is it with you bloody English?
  • Chewbacca
    Yeah Zeddy, yeah. You English, yeah. Twats, yeah.
  • Zeddy
    It's like shooting fish in a very small barrel.
  • wingZero
    @scot ranter Yeah don't forget about all that money we give to Scotland for no apparent reason.. That will stop when you go independent :) we will take back those oil rigs that we built as well since they were paid with our money.... Fuckin scots can't wait till they go independent and join the Euro €€€ SEE WHAT HAPPENS..... Start building the wall real...... wingZero (@ English ranter )
  • Spamdog
    @wingZero I think you'll find that most of those oil rigs were sold by the state to private companies, so good luck getting them back, Nevermind all the money we make selling whisky to the Chinese and Irn-Bru to the Russians will probably be spent on buckfast so don't worry the english economy won't completely crash.
  • Chewbacca
    @WingZero "Yeah don’t forget about all that money we give to Scotland for no apparent reason.." Did you not read my comment you utter fucking retard? Or were you too busy licking the screen? What a total wast of fucking oxygen. Foad.
  • Han S.
    Scotland? More like Scatland, amirite?
  • zeddy
    Scotchland. 80 per cent PrOOF
  • sdutton007
    @ Chewbacca WTF are you on about with "Another thing: Please elaborate on why you English can’t tell the difference between ground and floor? It’s not hard. Jesus Christ." @ Zeddy No such thing as 80 per cent proof. Either it's 80% (160 proof) or 80 proof (40%).
  • zeddy
    Facepalm slap icon.
  • sdutton007
    @ Zeddy :P I was ignoring your 'hidden' meaning lol. Let's just agree that they are 100% cunts (judging by the Scots on this site)...

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