Cheryl Cole - after L'Oréal, a more honest advert

Either advertising planners are rarely aware of the content that appears on the billboard space they sell, or this is deliberate. It's probably the former, but it's nice to think it's the latter. Or perhaps it's a case of Cheryl Cole making a refreshingly honest admission to counter the revelation she used hair extensions for her L'Oréal commercials.

This juxtaposition of statement and form was spotted near Saint James' Park in Newcastle by Bitterwallet readers Gaz and Robbo from NUFC blog

Bitterwallet - the deliciously thick Cheryl Cole

"For the record - we love Cheryl and think she’s a great ambassador for the region. She’s just not the sharpest tool in the box."


  • Spark
    For the record - I hate Cheryl, I think she's an idiot and she should disappear from the face of the Earth as soon as possible.
  • Sam T.
    She is absolutely gorgeous though... there's always a play-off though, isnt there? You are either beautiful and dumb, or ugly and intelligent.
  • Nobby
    No, I know women that are ugly and dumb.
  • roy
    fanny farts are bad and i imagine she does them
  • Will
    i LOVE cheryl.
  • all e.
    In reality if you met her you'd end up liking her, she's probably a nice enough girl. The fact she's ball-achingly pretty doesn't hurt her career either.
  • The B.
    It's all going quite well until she opens her gob.
  • James
    So stroking one out over her face would no doubt keep her mouth shut, a win win scenario if ever there was one.
  • carl
    just who is this "we" this bloke's talking about? "a great ambassador for the north east"! like fuck! dermot o'leary once called her "the queen of tyneside" then i heard someone call her "the angel of the north". er, no. i don't think so like. her very selective memory in her book makes those who new her up here before she was famous just laugh! must be a different young tweedy teenager who used to....... well, that's another story.
    Hardfaced racist! Needs a slap.
  • Sean
    such a mistake...
  • Chris
    Interesting edit to the NUFC article: EDIT: We’re now moderately famous…as seen on miserable consumerist bastard website Charming.
  • ronnie
    @sean, i'm sure it was a mistake but its a funny sign nonetheless! lol!
  • Robbo
    Yes the photo is mine
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. My mother (a resident from Gosforth) would like to point out that Saint James’ Park should now be referred to as '[email protected]'Park. Thanks
  • andy y.
    Ms Cole is a great ambassador for getting the hell out of the north east as fast as possible,Oh yes and trade on your looks above all else.
  • tom h.
    Dumb ass Cheryl, Good for sucking my D**K nothing else. I should enjoy that and you shoud too so be quiet and enjoy!!!! :-)
  • Jez
    Did you hear about a 'Night in with Cheryl?' (someting like that) - WTF?! Can you imagine. WHY is this girl getting so much recognition. She's not that great! Re: Looks - Very good looking girl, but not the best! Look @ : Miss Rai - Stunning!
  • Cutie Hottie! ;) I SO WOULD over Chezza anytime.
  • Paul S.
    @Chris - I'm sure that since the photo was sent to us by them, that the website are only having a laugh at our expense. The thick Geordie twats.
  • Gaz
    @Chris/Paul Smith Of course we're having a laugh. We're fellow miserable bastards. Hence why we read the site and thought of you when we saw it...
  • Paul S.
    I'm not miserable. I live in Low Fell, the Hawaii of the North. Everyday is sunshine here, lads. Get yourselves south of the river.
  • Gaz
    I'm from Leam Lane - every day is the shittiest, winteriest day you can think of here. South of the water is not heaven.
  • Dan
    I'm sure Dizzy Rascall would get this much attention should he be a judge! lol
  • cutie
  • homocat
    Yeah she is so thick that she is rapidly becoming one of the richest women in the country. So thick that she has you all talking about her. Can play the press and the public like a fiddle. So thick she managed to come back from some of the worst publicity she could have attracted to become one of the nations sweethearts. God, if only the poor girl were a little bit smarter....such a shame. Its also a well known fact that they always use hair extensions in L'oreal hair adverts. If you look on all of their adverts (tv and press) it will say so in a small font on the bottom of the screen/page. If her hair is the only thing people can complain about at the moment then I dont think she is doing half bad.

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