Camden Town Brewery sells out

camden town beer Beer hipsters and ale enthusiasts will be unhappy today, as the craft booze makers at Camden Town Brewery have sold themselves to Budweiser vendors and global drinks behemoth, AB InBev. One tweet has already seen them being asked how much a soul costs. Aww!

Anyway, the brewer accepted an offer from the massive lager company, in a deal that is apparently worth £85 million, putting Camden's Hels and Pale Ale in bed with Stella and Becks.

Of course, there's already some fallout over this - one of the Brewdog founders stopped crowdsourcing and inserting wacky rebel sentiments in sentences to say that they won't be stocking Camden Town beers at their bars any more. AB InBev are busy at the minute, as they're trying to buy SAB Miller for £70bn, as well!

SAB Miller themselves, who normally flog Peroni and Grolsch, bought up Meantime earlier this year. Craft ale has never been so popular, so the big guns are sniffing around them all.

The founder of Camden Town Brewery, Jasper Cuppaidge, reckons this buyout changes nothing: "AB InBev are investing to build a new brewery to our exact standards, so I can continue to make great beer. They’re not making a beer for us."

"To stay at the forefront of this movement and secure our future success, we have to build a bigger brewery, employ more people and gain access to an international distribution network. We can’t do this on our own. You only have to look at brands such as Innocent... they've gone from strength to strength by joining up with Coca-Cola."

Iain Newell, European director of craft beers at AB InBev, said: "We have a passion for great beer. Camden Town is a creative business with a great range of brands that will complement our existing portfolio."


  • shiftynifity
    We can’t do this on our own. You only have to look at brands such as Innocent… they’ve gone from strength to strength by joining up with Coca-Cola.” ....oh the irony
  • Father J.
    Ah, Camden Town - that triumph of all that is shallow and fake, even when compared to the rest of the shithole that is Londinium. No news here then.
  • Bonobo
    So many bearded cocksockets pretending to like it. So many marketing professionals lining their pockets.

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