Burgers with bite - McDonalds now serving pre-owned pates

Bitterwallet - used McDonalds burger Food, glorious food! The great thing about food is that if somebody doesn't want theirs, you can eat it instead! It's how parents manage to put on extra weight, by hoovering up the pizza and chicken nuggets the kids don't finish. In restaurants, you can just lean over and finish up that last spoonful of mash and gravy! And if you're at McDonald's, you can buy that burger the customer before couldn't stomach. No, wait.

And so to Arkansas in the US, where Ronald's staff served a customer and his wife with a cold Angus burger - with a bite out of it. The pre-owned item was immediately returned to the restaurant, where the duty manager, Larry, disappeared to speak to the kitchen and investigate:

"According to [the customer], Larry then told him it was a hamburger that a previous customer had returned, apologised for it being sold that way, and laughed it off."

How they must have laughed. The customer asked Larry to sign the refund slip as proof, and kept the burger. Why? Because he's apparently considering just how much trouble he can cause for Ronald:

"I wish I could just throw it in the trash, but then I'd feel bad if it continued to happen and someone got sick because I didn't speak up. There's enough negativity in this world without spreading more, so we try to stay positive, but this McDonald's has been a mess for years."

[Lovely County Citizen] via [Consumerist]


  • smashingnicey
    Unbelievably, I was sold a cheeseburger... without the burger! It was only when I got back home (it was a drive thru) that I found out. And yes, the cheese, ketchup and pickle were there! God bless McD's and the geniuses that work there.
  • DP
    Did this guy read 'Bitterwallet’s How To… complain at a restaurant' beforehand?
  • Phil
    Don't Burgerking sell the Angus Burger?
  • Phil
    Sorry, me being thick, look like Maccy D's do as well
  • The B.
    About 10 years ago I very drunkenly went into the MaccyD's in Balham on my way home from the pub, the guy behind the counter was a very ugly queen who apparently took a shine to me. I ordered a Big Mac, he gave me a huge bag containing 3 big macs, 3 large fries and a load of apple pies, maybe he thought I needed fattening up? Who eats Maccy D's pies? Even I draw the line at that.
  • Macca
    MMMMmmmm! PIES!
  • PaulH
    Yeah my GF loves the MD Apple Pies...
  • Daniel B.
    They're called 'pattys' not 'pates', unless there is a rural French twist to McDonald's in Arkansas that I'm unaware of.
  • Daniel B.
    Or 'patties' if you're being pinickety.
  • greg
    fucking whatever, just return it and get another one. who the fuck does this person think they are? 'oh no, another human had a bite, i might die, i better sue' FFS. there are millions of people in the world that would devour that burger.
  • inor
    Hold on a moment. Last time I went on Burger King they were selling Angus burger not McDonalds.
  • Mark
    Tbh, MD are full of idiots some times. my gf's mom ordered the vegi deli sandwich cus she is not a fan of meat, and they gave her a chicken one. We got free deserts but thinking back we could of screwed them over. But not the type to do so.

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