Budvar wins battle with Budweiser while Skol becomes weaker than wine gums

budvarThe Czech brewers of Budvar can officially continue to use the Budweiser name in the UK following a ruling in Europe’s highest court. Presumably those ruling on the beers did a taste test and decided that the American piss-vendors could go whistle.

The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that Budejovicky Budvar was entitled to use the famous Budweiser name because, essentially, UK drinkers aren't complete idiots and are "well aware of the difference" between the two beers and that Bud makers AB InBev aren't likely to suffer any adverse effect, business-wise.

“The two brands have co-existed in the UK for decades, differing in taste, price and get-up,” said Mark Blair, who represented Budvar. “The identical nature of the Budweiser marks is an honest, historical co-incidence and causes no significant confusion amongst UK consumers.”

“This is a strong endorsement of Budvar’s right to the name in the UK. It also sends a clear message that you cannot simply cancel a trade mark that has been used for 30 years in good faith.”

The American Bud, which no self respecting human should ever willingly drink, will have to bumble on with its talking frogs and jock strap idiots burping the word BREWSKI while proper beer drinkers enjoy a proper pint.

Away from Bud and onto a different, yet equally pointless tipple, you'll be thrilled to learn that Carlsberg have had to cut the scarce alcohol content in Skol in a bid to take advantage of changes to the domestic duty regime. It's gone from a laughable 3% abv to a frankly pathetic 2.8%.

You may as well buy Bass Shandy.


  • captain c.
    For anyone who has never experienced the horror of an American Bud; it REALLY does taste like piss. I had an unfortunate encounter at a KTV bar last week; it was the only beer on offer, but even the Chinese I was with wouldnt drink more than one. I wondered why such a well situated KTV bar was so empty.........
  • Boris
    I drink a bottle of the Budweiser every year. Just to remined me of the pure horror and how lucky we are to heve so many great alternatives.. True story. All together now in the Viking style: Skol, skol, skol, Skol! Skol, skol, skol, Skol! Wonderful Skol! Marvelous Skol! Ad infinitum.

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