BrewDog mock Putin's anti-gay stance with beer

4 February 2014

BrewDog are taking the Michael out of Russia's anti-gay business with a new beer called 'Hello My Name is Vladimir', just in time for the Winter Olympics.

The beer carries the sarcastic strapline of 'not for gays' alongside an image of Putin himself. The Scottish brewers consider this to be the first 'protest beer'. BrewDog have also sent a case of the 8.2% IPA to the President himself.

50% of profits from the sale of Hello My Name is Vladimir will be donated to charities that represent oppressed minorities.


James Watt, BrewDog co-founder says: "We sincerely hope that when Vladimir Putin is tired from a busy day riding horses with his top off, grappling with burly men on the Judo mat or fishing in his Speedos, he reclines on a velvet chaise longue and has one of his handsome helpers wet his whistle with a glass of Hello My Name is Vladimir."

"As Hello My Name is Vladimir is clearly marked ‘not for gays’ we should bypass the legislation introduced by Putin outlawing supposed ‘homosexual propaganda’, so Vlad shouldn’t have an issue with it. He might even invite us to ride bareback with him in the Siberian mountains."

"It’s been our mission at BrewDog to upend the status quo in whatever form it occurs. Whether it’s the stranglehold the mega brewers have had on beer production in Europe over the last 50 years, or in the case of Russia, the sick legislation that discriminates against millions of its citizens. Our core beliefs of freedom, integrity and passion drive all our actions. Since we started in 2007, we’ve always striven to strike fear at the heart of the gatekeepers and establishment, the launch of Hello My Name is Vladimir is simply a continuation of that tradition."

They always spoil it by talking, don't they?

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    Love the pink!
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    Get those guys a pint!
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