Bitterwallet reader draws a blank at McDonalds

Avid Bitterwallet reader Rob has spent the last decade spending thousands on the McDonalds menu, in the vain hope of scooping a star prize in their regular Monopoly promotion. It doesn't matter how much Rob spends, however - he wins free medium fries and a flimsy voucher or two, and sod all else. He's lost his house trying to win one, but now his luck's changed:

Bitterwallet - blank McDonalds Monopoly stickers

Thanks to McDonalds at Rock Ferry in Birkenhead, Rob scribbled "£500K" in crayon on his blank game stickers, and has subsequently flicked the Vs at the global patty-flipping health vampires. He can now afford to live - and eat - in style; Rob is having half a dozen KFC Double Downs imported fresh every day.


  • Morocco
  • um y.
    cool story bro...
  • SimbaK2K
    This story is lame. I have nothing else to say.
  • WTF R.
    I dont get it? Is the whole story in essence that Ron had some blank vouchers? (or is there a hidden point; maybe that he's an obsese fat cunt from Birkenhead who likes alot of fries?) I'd call it a slow news day; you obviously haven't had chance to copy and paste the various Ryanair news stories published yesterday (toilet charging, increased bag fees)
  • WTF R.
    OOPS. Retract the comment about copy and pasting Ryanair stories. You just did that.
  • cookie
    I have to admit, this story is a bit shit.
  • Chris
    :O WOW my friends fries were like that as well. I woner if it is menna be that way...
  • Nobby
    I once took a shit in a McDonalds cup, while sitting at one of their tables.
  • Late
    I think I got served that.
  • Klingelton
    I think a cup o' shite would be more nutritionally valuable than the cows lips and hoof macdonalds regularly serve up.
  • Big B.
    Oh dear. Slow news day?
  • mo
    They don't do free fries Paul

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