Beerless pub closes down because no-one went

pint of beer The idea of a boozeless pub isn't an altogether awful idea. Think of all those teetotallers who miss a drinking hole. Think of all those appallingly healthy people who love Instagramming kale drinks at everyone? Surely 2015 is the best time to open a boozeless pub, right?

WRONG. We know this after a pub with no beer opened up in Auckland, New Zealand called The After Party (or TAP, to the hip). When it opened, owner Grady Elliott said: "If it's going to work anywhere it's in this city."

The idea would be that the bar would sell alcohol-free beer and wine, along with "mocktails." Well, it has closed after just five-weeks.

Of course, we should be a little sad that someone tried to start a new business and it failed, but then, we're also big fans of laughing at misfortune, so what can you do? Talking to the New Zealand Herald, the owner said: "We gave it a shot and Auckland drinking culture just didn't tie in with the dry bar. No one showed up."

It seems that most who turned up, just drank water.

That hasn't stopped industry sorts saying that boozeless bars are the next big thing. The first alcohol-free bar in London has done a little better than its cousin in NZ. It is called 'Redemption' if you're interested in that sort of thing.

As for TAP? Well, Grady adds: "We took it by the balls and gave it a punt. We knew it could have gone either way and we were prepared for it - the good thing is it’s ready to go as a licensed nightclub."

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  • Mik
    There's been an alcohol-free bar in Rochdale, Lancashire since 1891.

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