Beer for women? What next - manpons?


This day just gets more deranged the longer it goes on. First off we’ve had beer for children, then padded bikinis for children - now it’s beer for women! Whatever the sod next?

Molson Coors have said they’ll be launching a clear beer in August in an attempt to increase the number of women lager drinkers. And listen up women – they even want you lot to help come up with a name for it (we reckon it should be called Fat Doris)

Molson recently trialled a clear alcoholic drinking product that was flavoured with (ugh) green tea and dragon fruit – it had a similar taste to an alcopop but they say that the new booze will be more beer-orientated.

Brand Republic are reporting that it will be a bottled, rather than draught beer and that calorific content will be featured heavily on the label, as the ladies are generally put off by the idea that beer can make you fat (that sort of rules out Fat Doris then.)

Ladies (because we KNOW you’re reading) – do you drink beer and if not, why not? Would you be prepared to gorge on this fanciful, clear drink from Molson Coors and can YOU come up with a better name for it than Fat Doris?

Thought not.


  • F. F.
    As long as they use wine glasses...
  • kev
    it's a pint for the gentleman, white wine or fruit-based drink for the lady
  • DrTrouserPlank
    Women like getting plastered, but if they are going to feature the calorific content on the bottle they'll have a difficult time balancing a high enough alcohol content to make the girlies drop their knickers, with the ungodly sweetness that the stuff is sure to have. Artificial sweetners will reduce the sugar calories, but alcohol contains calories however you package it up. They'll probably get creative with the labeling and give the calories per 100ml rather than per bottle.
  • Joanne
    I am indeed a woman and I do drink beer....the last thing I want to know is how many calories there is in my pint and I also want my beer to taste like beer...and no I'm not a fat rugby playing hoth beast!
  • bob
    "Fanny lager" gets my vote
  • andy
  • Nobby
    Brewkakke Ale.
  • me
  • Nobby
  • Paddy
    I suggested cunt juice earlier on but it didn't appear. WTF IS DIS REAL?
  • pauski
  • Nobby
    > I suggested cunt juice earlier on but it didn’t appear. Wouldn't that only be for lezzas?
  • Melissa
    Patronising bollocks & claptrap, totally unnecessary and typical of a big brewer - because it fits nicely into the demographic for advertising and they don't have to undertake education programmes that aren't fully quantifiable and therefore justifiable -
  • delrio
    lager? meh - gnats piss rather have real ale ta (and yes i'm a woman, and no i'm not a fat lezza). this stinks like a steaming pile of shite
  • -]
    Not a fan of lager (spirits or cider), but it's better than "real" ale muck - man or woman.

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