Because the best thing since sliced bread, is fried chicken

Last year, the US citizens of Rhode Island and Nebraska were subjected to a sinister culinary experiment, where all their bread was replaced by delicious fried chicken coated in a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices. The experiment was deemed a success, and now the whole of the United States is about to be subjected to the KFC Double Down.

The what? It's a sandwich with a bacon, cheese and 'Colonel Sauce' filling - but instead of arriving inbetween two halves of a bread bun, it's sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken:

Bitterwallet - KFC Double Down

There are very few official photographs available of the white meat vampire - despite it going on sale nationwide in a few days time, you won't find details of it on their US website. KFC haven't posted official nutritional information on the Double Down just yet, but estimate it'll contain 590 calories and 31 grams of fat. That's 100 calories more than a Big Mac, and three times the fat - but three times the taste, surely?


  • blahblahblah
    Meat is the new bread!
  • Tom P.
    Hassan, at my local kebab shop, has been making these for years.
  • zeddy
    A cheesey pig stuck between two cocks. Phwoaar!
  • Ronald M.
    You;re giving the Big Mac undue credit for being healthier than it actually is. By your calculations, a BM only has about 490 kcals and 10g of fat. It actually has about 550kcals and 30g of fat, meaning this vision of fried loveliness is only marginally more unhealthy.
  • Amanda H.
    Whats with the nun hood? Is it a virgin, or has it got a gherkin stuck between its thighs?
  • Bobby A.
    Loose weight eating this on the Atkins - health meal
  • Paddy
    That's fucking awesome-I want one! Calories wise, it is not much worse than a Ginsters cheese one although that's not saying much really, is it?
  • Laurz
    Am I right in thinking that KFC in america don't serve fries at all but instead you get mashed potato with your chicken? Or did somebody lie to me?
  • Timmo
    @Laurz They lied to you. They do do mash potato though, but they also serve fries.
  • Timmo
    OK. When is this magnificent beast coming to the UK?
  • smashingnicey
    look at it, I mean just look at it - I swear it's smiling. If the devil were food, this would be legion.
  • Jim
    'Get In My Belly'....I want my KFC Double Down.
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