Bang Bang You're Drunk!

When you’re boozing your way through a bottle of liquid madness this Christmas, what could be more exciting than holding the cold steel of a gun in your hand at the same time?

Now you can make that dream a dizzying reality with the Shots Gun – fortunately it won’t fire bullets of any kind, but is a mere drinks dispenser, albeit an exceptionally cool one.

Affix it to the top of your bottle of choice and within seconds you’ll be pumping liquor into the glasses of yourself and your fellow alco-cowboys, with yee-hawing and foot-stamping optional (but encouraged.)

Or, bypass the glass altogether, put the gun in your mouth and fire the hard stuff straight down your throat. Bang bang you’re dead! Well not dead, but shortening your life expectancy with every drop.


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  • Martin
    An intravenous drip filled with your choice of spirit on a mobile trolley works faster, and not only do you get pissed, you might also get a sympathy shag if you make up some near fatal condition.

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