All hail the vending machine that serves CRATES of beer

We've seen all manner of great vending machines on Bitterwallet. We've had ones that make fresh crisps, those that dole out meat, and the one that vends live crabs.

Now, we've got one that will sell you a crate of beer. Forget those stupid ones that give you a can or whatever - this one will sort you out for an entire weekend (or afternoon, knowing some of you lot).

beer vending machine

This particular machine can be found in Belgium, where goose fat chips and beer are seen as basic human rights. And, funnily, this one doesn't seem to want to ID anyone who uses it. Marvellously reckless that.

This machine does require you to scan your ID into it, but seeing as it is a machine and not a human, you could nick your mum's and load yourself up with ale and impress your pals.

So, if the UK could hurry up and install one of these in every town, that'd be marvellous.

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