A refreshingly honest restuarant advert

Restaurants would do well to follow this example and express what we, the customer, are already thinking - instead of looking down their nose at us as if we violated their mother when we ask for an extra basket of bread:

Bitterwallet - honest restaurant advertising



  • JeeBeePSB
    Where is this place? I want cheap standard pasta dishes with pretentious names for a reasonable price!
  • andy y.
    fussili off
  • ziddy
    Oh-oh! Spaghetti-os!
  • Mark C.
    What's a "restuarant"?
  • Mustafa
    I missed the joke...
  • David
    Have a look at: http://www.puccinos.com/ If the ad's real that is!
  • Dirty D.
    Mark Carpark | December 20th, 2009 at 7:51 pm, asks: What’s a “restuarant”? A “restuarant” is like a restaurant but where one's ewe comes before one's aye.
  • Mark C.
    Don't these people use copy editors? Write, read, copy edit, publish, BOOM HEADSHOT!

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