A King Size with your Big Mac? The McDonald's hotels in Switzerland

We'd never seen this video before until today and judging by the viewing figures, few people have. So how many of you knew that in 2001, McDonald's opened two hotels in Switzerland?

At a time when the fast food chain found its stock declining, the CEO of McDonald's Switzerland spearheaded an attempt to diversify the business: "Our restaurants serve 74 million customers in a country with a population of 7 million - if only one in 1,000 of those guests choose the Golden Arch Hotel, the project will be a success."

Despite everything going in their favour - location, brand awareness, marketing - the Golden Arch Hotels failed and were sold on after just two years - nobody wanted to stay in hotel associated with McDonald's.


  • Grumpy
    I think it was the golden arches headboard which would've killed the mood...
  • br04dyz
    killed the mood? with wailings of "gimmie you BIG MAC" coming from the lucky ladies....doubtful! I hope little chef adopt this idea soon!
  • Hamburgler
    I bet its McShit as well.
  • zeddy
    @ br04dyz: I bet you prefer a Whopper. Admit it!
  • kv
    McMuffins for breakfast?
  • Mischelle40
    I actually visited this hotel while we lived in Europe. We didn't actually stay there, but stopped out of curiosity to check it out. We ate our lunch there. Very pricey hotel for 2002, when we went to see it.

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