20,000 reasons to stay off the booze in January

 Happy New Year! For tomorrow. Many of us will be ringing in the new year with a clinking of glasses filled with [Aldi’s £9.99] champagne and looking forward to 2014. But are you going to join in the latest charity fandangle and be a dryathlete? Giving up alcohol for a month might seem extreme, but even if you aren’t minded to do it for charity, rumour has it that you could increase your pension pot by £20,000 just by taking part.

Actuarial firm JLT employee benefits has calculated that, purely going on the beer money saved, your pension fund could be topped up by £20,000, which could then convert to an annual additional income of £1,000 a year, plus 50% spouse benefits. Unfortunately, however, they also assume that you are a 22 year old male who intends to stop drinking in January for the rest of his working life.

The calculations are based on the well-known fact that 22 year old men drink nine pints a week, at £3.20 a pint. The weekly £28.80 cost adds up to £125 for the month of January, and the cumulative effect of investing an extra £125 every year until Mr Average 22 Year Old reaches the unimaginable senility of 68 is the aforementioned £20k bung.

Those 20,000 reasons not to drink in January are only bonuses on top of the evergreen reasons not to imbibe such as overindulgence, dieting, or a lack of funds. But is it really worth it? In 44 years’ time, inflation might mean that nine pints cost £20k, or maybe the State Pension might have eroded so much that every extra penny will count. He probably won't be able to retire at 68 anyway, the amount of times the Government has increased changed the eligible age limit.

Or, if you are so concerned, you could just save an extra tenner or so into your pension* every month instead.


*Other retirement/long term savings vehicles are available


  • Horny I.
    What if you don't drink already? How can I save money? Switch off my PC, save some leccy and not have to read this shit? Got it!
  • Alexis
    Trying to extract money from others on the condition you give up a drug for a month isn't exactly the same as doing the Three Peaks or some other worthwhile endeavour

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