187 new breweries open in the UK in the last year!

pint of beer Britain's pubs may well be closing down, but it is a different tale for those people who are actually brewing the stuff. 187 new breweries opened in the last year, which takes the total number of breweries in the UK to almost 1,500.

CAMRA said breweries are seeing a revival, and include a beer brewing pizzeria and a transformed Dairy Farm.

There are brewing booms in London, with 23 opening in the capital while West Yorkshire has had a surge, now having 57! Thanks to all this action, there are now 5,200 British beers on offer, which is excellent news.

Sadly, 26 pubs are closing each week in the UK, as landlords struggle with high rents and competition from the cheap booze sold  in supermarkets. Just over 50,000 boozers are left, which is the lowest number of pubs in the UK in more than a century. In stark terms, that's 68,000 less pubs than we had 30 years ago.


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  • Olde S.
    "5,200 British beers on offer, which is excellent news." - if you like drinking stuff that looks, smells and probably tastes like cat piss then yes it's excellent news. Let's face it, most micro-brewery output is little better than the 40 pint brew your own ale crap that we've all tried at some point. "landlords struggle with high rents and competition from the cheap booze sold in supermarkets. " This is absolute tosh. The reason why pubs are going under is plain and simple. They don't deliver what the punter wants. It's no surprise that Enterprise/Punch and all the other crap hole type pubs are going to the wall. What about the other end of the market. For example, Wetherspoons, M & B, Whitbread, Fullers and so on. Are they closing pubs - no, why? go in one and see.

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