Vauxhall recall more Zafiras due to fires

Vauxhall fires

Remember when Vauxhall recalled a load of Zafiras because they were catching fire? Well, there's going to be another one, after a Facebook group put pressure on the car-manufacturer.

There's allegations of a cover-up from Vauxhall, and MPs may be hitting them with a £50 million bill over the whole thing.

Vauxhall recalled all 234,938 Zafira B cars in December after there were reports of 200 fires, which they said were caused by 'improper' repairs. However, the car-maker has been given more evidence, which suggests that the fires were actually caused by a design fault.

The people behind the Facebook group, which you can see here, got their own engineers to look at the affected cars, which was backed up by independent reports from forensic engineers, which had been commissioned by The Sun.

Sue Freemantle, who started the group, said: "Our lives have been put in danger. Vauxhall has been desperately trying to cover it up. It's disgusting."

Jacqueline Young, of law firm Slater and Gordon who are representing Zafira owners, added: "At best, Vauxhall has been woefully incompetent. At worst, they have sought to conceal a potentially life-endangering technical fault."

The group say that there's been over 300 fires, at least 15 which were cars that had previously been recalled.

If you want further information from Vauxhall, or want to keep an eye on what they're saying, click here.

Vauxhall say: "Luton- Vauxhall today (19th May 2016) announces that owners of Vauxhall Zafira B models will be invited to bring their vehicles back to Vauxhall dealerships so that a preventative action can be carried out to protect the vehicles from the risk of fire."

"In December last year we wrote to all 234,938 Vauxhall Zafira B owners to make them aware of an issue which could affect their vehicle."

"Our investigations had found evidence of improper repair of the blower motor resistor and its thermal fuse, which is designed to protect the blower motor system."

"These improper repairs, which may have been conducted without the owners' knowledge, can lead to overheating of the system's electrical components and the potential for a fire. Resistors should never be repaired, they should only be replaced."

"Since then we have been conducting a recall programme designed to return vehicles to their original condition."

All repairs will be free of charge.

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  • Cathy_T

    Vauxhall continue to spout lies. They did NOT write to "all" Zafira owners back in December. I, personally, did not get a recall letter until March. There are others who have STILL not received a letter.

    What happened in December was that their "unofficial safety check" - a direct result of the Facebook group pressure and publicity via Watchdog and other media - became an official DVSA recall - at the insistence of the DVSA. Vauxhall have not once taken the initiative to protect their customers. They have ONLY responded to pressure from outside sources at every step of this whole mess. The latest development is their response to being confronted with The Sun's independent investigation, demonstrating that Vauxhall have lied throughout by blaming non-genuine parts and faulty repairs. This is a design fault an Vauxhall knew it months if not years ago. They've been covering up ever since.

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