Toyota and Nissan in 6.5 MILLION airbag recall (Honda to follow)

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.27.36Problems continue to mount for airbag supplier Takata with the announcement that Toyota and Nissan will be recalling 6.5m airbags.

These Takata airbags have been under scrutiny for quite some time and 17 million vehicles carrying these airbags have already been subject to a recall.

The previous problem appeared to be that the airbags inflate with too much force and shoot out metal shards. This problem has linked the product to 5 deaths and dozens of injuries. The latest recalled however is slightly different in that the front passenger and front driver-side air bag inflators can deploy abnormally, or rupture, and put a person in a crash at greater risk.

Its chairman and chief executive pledged Takata was working hard to test and replace airbags deemed to be a potential risk. In a letter they said "Our airbags have deployed safely in more than two million auto accidents around the world since we began producing them in 1987, saving many thousands of lives.

"In 2014 alone, thousands of serious injuries and deaths have been prevented worldwide by Takata airbags."

Toyota cars affected in the latest UK recall:

Corolla. Yaris, Picnic and Avensis Verso models built between March 2003 and March 2007 for passenger airbag defects
RAV4, Yaris and Hilux cars manufactured between July 2003 and December 2005 for driver airbag defects.
Toyota have stated that owners of these vehicles would be contacted within six weeks and told what to do next.

Nissan recall vehicles in the UK:

Navara Pickup, Almera Tino, Patrol, Almera, Terrano II and X-Trail models manufactured between 2004 and 2007

Both makers will carry out the recall without charging customers for parts or labour.

To check if you car is subject to the May 2015 recall, you can take a look on VOSA's vehicle recall list. Toyota also features a recall section on their website.



  • Samantha W.
    Hi I have an toyota iq 2009 automatic
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    Hi the recall for Toyota about the airbag, what car age is this and is it for all Toyota? I have a Toyota Yaris x reg?
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    Are there any problems with recalls for Honda Accords?
  • Emma
    How do you know if this affects you?
  • Ben T.
    Just waiting for another release folks and we'll update you all with what you'll need to do if this affects you.
  • Gavin B.
    Hi, I have a Toyota Bawbag. Does it need replacing?
  • angela
    nissan note 2006 automatic, do i need to bring my car in?
  • Gas M.
    Oh shit, people are taking this site seriously again.
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    I have a Ford Mondeo, do I need to take it to Toyota?
  • Alan s.
    I have a 20 year old skateboard with a dodgy wheel. Booked in at Toyota
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    Hi i hav a honda microwave. Does anyone kno if honda microwaves hav been recalled? Its sitting in my kitchen
  • Big M.
    Sam, yes. Nicole, no. Angela, maybe. Emma, who cares. There's your answers. No problems. Oh and Nicole get rid of the teddy on the parcel shelf, you look a twat.
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    I have 2007 Audi, if I take to Toyota will I be able to get a Big Mac in Burger King and then flex wit da 'erb?
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    Does this apply to my copy of the Beach Boys' Help Me Rhonda??!!1!? #worried
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    Does this affect us we have a Nissan Almera Tino 2005
  • Big M.
    Yes Zoe. It does. Very much so. And NissN know this and are watching you.
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    What about my samsung washingmachine?

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