Tesco's Dobbies selling real fur hats as 'faux'

45d76fd28b69feb0eed941dca65e2739 Dobbies - the garden centre chain owned by Tesco - is in hot water as it has been discovered that they've been selling real fur hats but labelling them as 'faux'. To make matters worse, they kept denying it until someone did independent tests.

A customer, by the name of Emma de Loseby, complained to her local Dobbies when she had an inkling that the trim on the £5.99 hat wasn't synthetic, like the label said - but that didn't bother Dobbies, as they denied it all and carry on selling the item.

And so, they were grassed up to PETA, who ran DNA tests on the hat, and lo and behold, it contained animal fur, and Dobbies were forced to admit that they'd made a mistake.

Emma said: "I couldn’t stand the thought of these fur hats remaining on sale knowing the horrific ways in which animals are killed for their fur. It sickens me to think how many people must have continued to buy these hats believing that the fur was faux, all because Tesco and Dobbies refused to properly look into my complaint."

The hats have now been taken off the shelves.

However, PETA are now trying to force a mandatory inspection of Tesco's faux fur products, saying that the supermarket need to do more and shouldn't be leaving it up to charities to do their work for them.

PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi said: "While both PETA and the public wish to support companies like Tesco, which claim to have "strict" no-fur policies, such claims only carry weight if they're actually enforced. This disturbing case has shown that not only is Tesco's current system of "random sampling checks" woefully lacking but also that the failure to act on customer complaints means that these hats were sold to unsuspecting consumers for several months."

"As opinion polls show that 95 per cent of the public would never dream of wearing real fur, PETA is calling on Tesco to order a company-wide inspection and act immediately to remove any real fur items from circulation."

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  • John K.
    £5.99 for a real fur hat? Bargain, where can I get one now?

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