Tesco and John Lewis the latest to pull hoverboards

swegway Amazon and Argos have pulled the sale of hoverboards, until they know that they're safe - and now, Tesco and John Lewis have followed suit.

There's been an investigation by the National Trading Standards body, that has flagged up their concern over these devices, which were all set to be the hottest Christmas present of 2015. However, thanks to dodgy plugs and wiring, it looks like they're the wrong type of 'hot'.

Retailers have said that they should be contacted if you're looking at a refund.

Shops selling unsafe swegboards could face prosecution too. Dean Dunham, the UK's chief ombudsman, has said that the shops themselves could be held responsible for any injuries suffered from these gadgets. There's been reports of them setting on fire, so this is not just a case of accidents happening because people have fallen off them.

Earlier in the month, National Trading Standards said 15,000 of the 17,000 self-balancing scooters examined since October 15 had been seized, for being filled with non-compliant electrical components.

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  • bill
    Amazon are also pulling a number of listings, and third party sellers are being force to refund customers without requiring the return of the item. Shocking really since the affected dangerous units are still out there and clearly buyers arent going to dispose of them as amazon recommends.

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