Russell Hobbs recall: what's the hold up?

Russell Hobbs At the end of last year, there was a recall on a number of Russell Hobbs irons. Initially, customers were happy with the way things were being sorted out, but alas, things seem to have gone awry.

There's been a raft of complaints to Bitterwallet, saying that things seem to have dried up at Russell Hobbs, in terms of helping those who had faulty irons.

One avid BW reader got in touch to say: "I contacted Russell Hobbs 9th Dec, again week before Xmas, again on 7th January. Have had promises made each time of either replacement iron or refund within 7 – 10 days. Still waiting. On 7th I had duty manager call me and he promised he would arrange refund. I called again today and just the usual rubbish had to give all details for the fourth (or 5th) time if you count duty manager and then same apologies and promises. I doubt we’ll ever see this refund. Congratulations to Russell Hobbs you have absolutely exceeded diabolical customer services."

Another got in touch to say: "On the phone we have been reassured that a returns label would be sent and instead of a replacement iron we have requested a refund which has been an advertised option. On each occasion since the beginning of December we have not received anything at all. Customer services through their website hasn't bothered to get back at all. It leads me to believe that this is not a genuine recall and that Russell Hobbs have no interest in making amends to their customers – what a joke!"

It was a similar story with other correspondence, with one reader saying: "We have since had to buy a new iron and have returned our faulty iron to Russell Hobbs so really starting to feel out of pocket on this debacle!", and other adding that, after being told to wait 28 days and "after telephoning an 0800 number four times with no response it has left me bitterly angry"

Over on the Russell Hobbs Facebook page, one angry customer said: "I don't wish to be fobbed off about how busy you are. You told me that I would get a reply in 5 working days. Why are you so busy? Too many faulty goods! I have yet another faulty kettle which was sent as a replacement to a previous faulty kettle less than a year ago. This has resulted in me purchasing another kettle from a different brand. If you need the details of the goods they are in the email previously sent to you."

Another said that "Made several follow up calls. Phoned again 2 weeks ago, the customer service chap said he had to check (manually) through a spreadsheet......that wasn't in alphabetical order (what???) couldn't find my logged call so logged again. Have received a 'returns' form- NO replacement iron."

So we decided to get in touch with Russell Hobbs and we got pretty much the same story. High volumes of requests and such have seen some returns taking longer than others. When asked what customers are supposed to do without their irons, it was very much a case of 'we're getting through the backlog as quickly as we can'.

No solutions here sadly, which means you can either wait for a replacement and wear some wrinkly tops in the meantime, or you could again try their customer service lines and ask for reimbursement rather so you can buy an iron from somewhere else. The numbers are Freephone 0800 307 7616 for landlines or 0333 103 9663 for mobiles.

It looks like a full refund would be advisable, rather than wait for a new iron, after all this waiting. Let us know how you get on and we can chase it up further.


We got further correspondence from Russell Hobbs, and a spokesperson said: "We are currently dealing with a backlog of enquires but please be assured that we are working through them as quickly as we can. We would like to apologise to any inconvenience this is causing our customers and thank them for their patience."


  • Bobinogs
    Funnily enough, I contacted them earlier today. I first contacted in mid-December, then at the end, and again today. No labels, no refund, nothing. The iron I had cost me either £30 or £35, I don't recall, and I don't have a receipt. All I am entitled to in a refund is £20 and I won't get that until I have returned the iron. I can't return the iron until I get labels. If they are only going to give me £20 and I go for a replacement iron, how bad will it be compared to what I actually purchased in the first place?
  • Russell H.
    you're getting fuck all refunds. LOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!
  • Official U.
    We would like to clarify that the above comment posted by ‘Russell Hobs’ was not posted by Russell Hobbs, the brand, or a member of our team. If anyone would like any information about the iron recall, has any questions or concerns and would like to speak to a member of our customer services team, please call our Helpdesk on Freephone: 0800 307 7616 / Mobile: 0333 103 9663
  • Hobnobs
    We would like to clarify we have no connection with Russell Hobbs, and we are a nice biscuit ....
  • Russell U.
    So I spoke to Russell Hobbs for the 5th time, after my original call mid-December. Each time they take the same details and give the same responses (i.e. will get send you a label or call back in the next couple of days) all of which are lies. This time I was even more surprised though that I was told that actually NONE of my details were on the system, despite this being my fifth call in 5 weeks!! It seems they had a new guy, who was quite open that they had been instructed by their supervisors not to give timescales as they are having massive problems and not coping. His suggestion was that I 'borrow' an iron in the mean time. That's really helpful Russell Hobbs. I have switch for a refund now, which I'll probably never receive, albeit I won't be buying Russell Hobbs again.

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