Product Recall: Verbatim Classic A LED Light Bulbs

verbatim-batch-code-413983 There's a problem with Verbatim Classic A LED Light Bulbs which has resulted in a product recall. The problem is, is that there's a chance you might get electrocuted by them.

Okay? Good.

The affected model codes are as follows:

52600 Verbatim Classic A E27 6W
52601 Verbatim Classic A E27 9W
52612 Verbatim Classic A B22 9W
52619 Verbatim Classic A B22 6W
52626 Verbatim Classic A E27 9W ND 4000K

The only products affected are those which have a 4 in the batch number in the format xx4x or xxx4x. Have a look at the image above to see what that means.

Anyway, under certain conditions, these bulbs could pose an increased risk of getting an electric shock. With that, while Verbatim don't actually think these will be sending volts through you any time soon, they don't want to risk it and are happy to replace them.

Contact Verbatim by calling 00 800 3883 2222 or emailing [email protected]

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