Product Recall: Swegway/segway off-board battery charger


You may have seen a load of people on the internet using Swegways (or segways, or any number of other names as everyone can't quite decide on what to call them), especially if you're into hip hop (it seems that every rapper and R&B singer in the universe has one).

As a result, these little scoots are going to be massive over Christmas.

If you have one already, you should know about a product recall on segway off-board battery charger, with the following notice being issued by the EC RAPEX system:

"Segway Off-board Battery Charger - charger used to charge batteries that have been taken off a Segway PT vehicle. Specific products within the serial number range: 1244C0000002 – 14209C000312"

"The internal wires within the charger may detach and touch the inner sides allowing electrical conduction. Users could consequently receive an electric shock if they touch the charger. The product does not comply with the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive."

"If you have purchased this item, please stop using it and contact the retailer it was purchased from."


And if you don't believe us (or indeed, the shop you take it back to aren't having it, or missed a memo), here's the Trading Standards agency with the same message.


  • Tom
    i'm 17 years old and hardworking and a team player and am interested in a job at segway offboard battery charger email me on the address above asap job details asap
  • rjt
    You mean there's a good chance that these idiots could be electrocuted? Surely it is on the public interest not to recall these? Also, you have a comment filter and Tom's comment got through it?
  • Mark W.
    I'm interested in receiving electric shocks and can start immediately. Liked and shared.
  • proay
    OK you might get electric shock,but they could be careful like you guys do not have to make it to a big fuss and write staff like this frighten people ok? If you even write thing like this people are still going to buy segway board because they want to have fun.Not to get frightiend that they are going to have electric shock.ALL WE WEANT ITS TO HAVE FUN ,NOT TO HAVE ELECTRIC SHOCK.

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