Product Recall: some Firefly drinks have glass in them

44612_firefly With a name like 'purity', you'd think that Purity Soft Drinks Ltd would sell beverages that were as innocent as the driven snow.

Not quite - they're recalling a batch of its Firefly Lemon, Lime and Ginger Natural Drink (330ml and with a best before date of April 2016 and batch code 5029) because some bottles might contain broken glass on the rim of the bottle.

These particular drinks were sold in Asda, so if you bought one from anywhere else, you should be fine.

You'll be glad to know that no other Purity Soft Drinks or Firefly products are known to be affected, so slurp away.

If you have bought the above product, do not drink it. Instead, return it to the store from where it was bought for a full refund. The company have withdrawn the product from sale as a precautionary measure.

Watch your lips.

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