Product Recall: Russell Hobbs irons (again)

Russell Hobbs We've had issues with Russell Hobbs irons before, and now, we've got another one. Let us hope that this one isn't as big a mess as the previous one, which saw a lot of people angrily shouting at the electronics company and big holds ups in replacements.

The company have spotted an issue with a number of their irons, which basically, may cause the flex to fail.

Only the following model numbers are affected: 15081, 18651, 18720, 18741, 18742, 18743, 19220, 19221, 19222, 19400, 19840, 20260, 20280, 20550-10, 20560-10.

How do you find that? Well, the model number can be found on the underside of the heel of the iron, and there, you'll see a label which has the Model No. code.

If you have one of the irons listed above, then you'll need to check the batch code.You'll be able to see that on the same label, as you can see in the diagram below.



The affected batch codes start with 045 through to 365 and ends with 12, or it starts with 001 through to 195 and ends with 13. If your batch code matches these, then you'e got yourself one of the affected irons.

All the other irons are fine, and an that have a four digit code are perfectly fine, and irons with batch codes ending 10, 11 and 14 are not affected by this recall also.


Russell Hobbs say: "If you do have an affected iron, please stop using it immediately. Please complete our form [CLICK HERE] with your details and advise whether you would like us to send you a replacement iron, or whether you would prefer a full refund."



  • bill
    BW you should probably stop telling people to buy these irons in your daily deals as chances are that model will be recalled next xmas!!
  • Racheal C.
    I have model number 20550-10 but batch code 28413 Is it affected if so would like a new iron
  • Rocio
    Is 20260-10 ok?
  • c h.
    i would like a replacement please my model number is 18651 batch num 33512
  • Dish
    Bill there brilliant irons anyway can get recalled, fucking idiot,
  • Mrs B.
    Although I don't have this iron with one of these serial numbers I do have this iron and since I bought it 3 months ago it dosntt work properly, the steam is few and far between its dosnt heat up properly, I've gone back to my old iron as it has plenty of steam unlike the Russell hobbs , I have tried to get a refund or someone check it over to see if there is a problem,
  • bill
    Dish, you seem to have an attitude problem as well as a bit unstable. Perhaps if you get this emotional about an iron you shouldn't be on the internet. Have fun with your exploding iron...ooh!
  • Connor F.
    Hi, I don't have an iron, but my Russell Hobbs toasted sandwich maker was dented by a man driving a silver Skoda Superb. Can I get a replacement please as it leaks cheese now?
  • CapitalistBitchBoy
    I want compo
  • Mariam S.
    Hi I also have a Russell Hobbs iron this is the serial number of the product 22050 I hope you can check out the serial number and tell me if the product needs replacement and could you also tell me if the product is faulty where do I take it to get the replacement iron from
  • Sarish
    I have one of the recalled models however not the batch number. Within a week the steam button stopped working. Is this a common fault? I would like a replacement!
  • Russell H.
    Great story Mrs. Buchanan. We'd love to help but since you sound Scotch, you can poke it.
  • Laura
    I have one with the model number but batch 19015 is this one OK?
  • A c.
    1. Is your model number in this list: 15081, 18651, 18720, 18741, 18742, 18743, 19220, 19221, 19222, 19400, 19840, 20260, 20280, 20550-10, 20560-10. 2. Is your batch code number 5 digits long? 3. Does your batch code end with 12 or 13? 4 (a). If the batch code ends 12, does it begin with a number between 045 and 365? 4 (b). If the batch code ends 13, does it begin with a number between 001 and 195? If you get a no to any questions above then your iron is OK. Please don't ask in the comments.
  • Jade
    My iron model number is on this recall list. But I'm confused with the batch number part, as it states a few. Model no is 18651 Batch no is 23513. So is mine affected or not??
  • Robinhanscombe
    I have just bought one of the and the details of it are model No.19222 and batch code is 08015aj My question is whether or not this is one of the effected irons
  • June
    Hi my iron is on the above list Model no 19651 Batch 19513 I have completed the relevant form online and I am aware I have to wait for a pretty paid postage sticker as u want the iron returned but whilst you have my iron and I am waiting on my replacement what am I meant to use?
  • Karen b.
    Hi sent my iron back about two weeks ago still waiting to get my new iron why is it taking so long pls let me know thank u
  • helen h.
    I have an iron model 18651, batch 53513. This is second one bought, steam button sticks. This
  • helen h.
    I have iron model 18651, batch 53513
  • helen h.
    I have iron. Model 18651, batch 53513.
  • jack M.
    Ok why do quite a few people on here think is a customer support forum!

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