Product Recall: Remington pump action shotgun

remington shotgun recall Hey shotgun fans! How are you? Don't point that thing at us! Anyway, if you have a Remington Model 887 pump action shot gun, you need to know about the product recall that is happening.

Remington has found that, in some Remington Model 887 shotguns (those manufactured between December 1, 2013 and November 24, 2014), the firing pin may bind in the forward position within the bolt. To the layman, that sounds like nothing, but you pump action shotgun fans will know that this can result in an unintentional discharge.

When you've stopped chortling as 'unintentional discharge', that means there's some guns out there that might shoot bullets, even when the safety is on. Of course, that could result in someone dying.

That means Remington are voluntarily recalling ALL potentially affected products to inspect and repair.

That means you should stop using your shotgun immediately, if it was manufactured in the aforementioned period. Click here to find out whether or not yours is an affected gun.

The previous link will have all the news you'll need about the replacement programme and all that. Please don't use your gun until this has been fixed.

For a guide to all product recalls, have a look here.

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