Product Recall: Now Sainsbury's recall gluten-free products because they’re not gluten-free

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 20.49.46 You might've already seen the news earlier that Asda are recalling a range of gluten-free products because they actually contain gluten.

Yep. Really.

It seems that Sainsbury's use the same manufacturer for their products as Asda so the chances that further recalls are in the offing are pretty high. We'll bring you more news of any other affected products as soon as we have it. In the meantime, check whether or not you've got any of the following:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 20.54.52

If so, make sure you take these back to Sainsbury's and get a full refund.

Get info on other current recall notices over in our Bitterwallet Recall section


  • laura
    Oh great another so called reliable supermarket lets us down!
  • Karina
    Absolutely disgusting! Ok so if you have an intolerance yes you get ill but there's no lasting damage. Whereas coeliac disease (which I have) can and will damage my villi and cause long term affects. Thanks Asda and Sainsburys now I know why I keep getting ill after 4 years of being gluten free. It's a life changing thing and not my decision.
  • shaw
    my daughter was so poorly sick (vomiting) in the middle of the night after eating the gluten free pizza base from sainsburys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely disgusting! i agree !!!!!!!!!!!!! . poor 9 year old girl .!!!!!!!! they should feel ashamed .
  • Andy
    To the comment above, you are being very over dramatic. Long term consumption of gluten will damage your villi but accidentally eating something containing gluten as a one off will not be enough to do any damage, it may upset your digestive system for the following few days but you don't need to worry about any long term damage/effects. If you look at the dates the effected batches are very specific and the chances you've eaten any are very slim! Yes it's unacceptable that this mistake but it's not dangerous to your health, it only would be if you were eating it all the time.
  • Product W.
    [...] 6th, 2015 • 2 Comments By Ben [...]
  • BernadineM
    Diabolical, like Katrina I have coeliac disease and it is not a lifestyle choice. Just when I thought things were getting better after being diagnosed for 30+ years they get worse and I have to start avoiding so called 'gluten free' foods again. For me my coeliac disease has been linked to my epilepsy - thanks Sainsburys for nothing.
  • Phil
    If you want to blame someone, blame the supplier. Both Asda and Sainsbury's are reliant on their supplier using the right ingredient's. They have both reacted as quickly as possible to the issue.
  • Kathy L.
    I also have coeliacs and if I ingest any Gluten I get very sick and suffer extreme stomach pain for a few days. Previously Genuis had an issue with Meat pies and I was sick for a few days, all they did was REFUND COST!!! When manufacturers mess up they should compensate. APPALLED!
  • Mark
    I cannot agree with Andy's post re being over dramatic. Unless you are Coeliac and have mistakenly eaten gluten, then you cannot comment and say to someone that they are being over dramatic. I am Coeliac and suffer terribly if I have eaten gluten. Violent vomiting, stomach cramps and shaking from head to toe. To say it doesn't cause long term damage is naive. Our Villi actually stops working correctly. What Sainsbury's and Adsa have done is simply not acceptable. The company that has supplied these products to Sainsbury's and Asda should be shut down with immediate effect. Shame on all concerned. Many a time that I have found Gluten products mixed in with gluten free product on their shelves. When will they ever learn ???? It's all about money, money, money. Best to stop buying these so called gluten free products from supermarkets and make our own. Mark in Billingham
  • Real C.
    Compensation for eating the stuff...? How about stop being a money grabbing b****** and looking straight down the financial gain road? Get off your backside and make yourself real food! Pies aren't that hard to make!
  • Andrew B.
    A reply to Andy (6 June posting) Andy, I have to be honest your comments are ill-informed at best. I would like to point out that whilst the minor reactions can be an upset stomach and diarrhea it depends on just how sensitive you are to gluten. Minor consumption, even very small amounts, will kill villi (they will never be replaced) and render the subject weak and ill for days after. Long term consumption can be fatal. Although I don't suffer coeliac disease my wife does and has had the condition since birth (she's now in her 40s'). She is 98% sensitive and I have been witness to how bad it can be when she just has a little something that contains gluten and that was a minor attack. However, she was extremely ill for days after with continual stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea and realising that there is absolutely nothing I can do and nothing I can give to ease the pain. I have to be extremely careful when cooking her food to make sure that there is nothing that can cross contaminate. Food is better marked now than in the past but I don't assume anything these days. Whilst it can be debilitating what you don't realize is that in extreme circumstances it can actually kill. Real Men Cook: When a product is marked Gluten free, unfortunately people naturally assume that the product is, indeed, gluten free. This means that the supermarkets have a moral and legal obligation to check that the product does conform to strict guidelines but sometimes even they do get things wrong. Similarly, manufacturers do change their ingredients or recipes from time to time, but should ensure that the packaging matches this. Many is the time I have picked up a product one week to find that the next, it's changed and I can't use it. However your last comment about "Pies aren't that hard to make" I laughed at. Not because it can't be done, it's because have you ever used the gluten free flour to make the pastry. Politely,it's crap. It doesn't bind that well.
  • selina
    Regardless of what the products are used for the blaim falls at the supplier not the supermarkets.
  • Jack S.
    Wtf is a Villi? A German gentleman's sausage?
  • Christina
    I too am a severe Coeliac, even a tiny amount brings , vomiting ,diarrhoea , shaking, cramps, fever and shivers . Nothing stops it until all the gluten has passed leaving one weak for a few days. Really not a joke or a diagnosed Coeliac
  • L A.
    Please remove this post below as it is offensive. Coeliacs cannot help it if they have coeliac disease and their villi are damaged if they eat gluten. Coeliac disease is not a joke. **************************************** Posted by Jack Soffalot • June 8, 2015 at 4:14 pm Wtf is a Villi? A German gentleman’s sausage?
  • niffgriff
    I have coeliacs disease and have had it from birth, but wasnt diagnosed till latein my 30's. I am 41 and been told i Hve Lymphoma bought on by coeliac disease. NOT FUNNY!!!!
  • Roy R.
    Yeah I agree with Jack Soffalot - wtf is a villi?!

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