Product Recall: Now even your READY MEALS aren't safe

What a day it has been for product recalls, eh? IKEA Child safety gates, Nissan/Toyota/Honda car airbags and now Sainsbury's tell us that even our ready meals are not safe.

Sainsbury's have confirmed that they are recalling 23 product lines as they've concerns that these potato-containing chilled ready meals may contain tiny pieces of metal. There is a HUGE list (at the bottom of this article) though so check your fridge/freezer to see what you've got and spread the word.

If you find that you have any products which are affected you can either contact the Sainsbury's Careline on 0800 636 262 or visit the customer service desk in any of their store and you should be able to get yourself a refund.


1190472 by Sainsbury's classic Cumberland pie 450g
1190670 by Sainsbury's classic liver & bacon with mash 450g
1190687 by Sainsbury's classic bangers & mash 450g
1210736 by Sainsbury's classic braised steak & mash 450g
1318333 by Sainsbury's Rumbledethumps 450g
6288331 Taste the Difference cottage pie 400g
6302032 Taste the Difference luxury shepherd's pie 450g
6479784 by Sainsbury's classic chicken white wine 450g
7332042 Taste the Difference steak au poivre 450g
7333025 Taste the Difference cottage pie 800g
7607941 by Sainsbury's vegetarian cottage pie 400g
7658590 Taste the Difference vegetable & berry lentil pie 400g
7717241 by Sainsbury's classic sausage & mash Yorkshire 430g
483353 Basics fish pie 300g
483384 Basics cottage pie 300g
1054873 Basics shepherd's pie 300g
1190502 by Sainsbury's classic cottage pie 450g
1272321 by Sainsbury's classic cottage pie 900g
1192193 by Sainsbury's classic shepherd's pie 450g
1210828 by Sainsbury's classic shepherd's pie 900g
6927584 by Sainsbury's family cottage pie 1.5kg
6927617 Basics cottage pie 1.5kg
7083674 Basics liver & mash 300g
7083692 Basics sausage & mash 300g
7184427 cafe JS cottage pie 340g
7214529 Be Good to Yourself cottage pie 450g
7214546 Be Good to Yourself shepherd's pie 450g
7542372 Be Good to Yourself chicken & mushroom pie 400g
7566162 Be Good to Yourself braised beef & mash 400g
7596470 Cafe children's sausage & mash 250g x4
491532 Basics salmon cottage pie 300g
6288597 Taste the Difference fish pie 400g
6744066 by Sainsbury's kid's fish pie 300g
7161384 by Sainsbury's classic Cumberland fish pie 450g
7214575 Be Good to Yourself fish pie 450g
7333055 Taste the Difference fish pie 800g
7544427 by Sainsbury's classic cod in parsley sauce 420g
7584474 by Sainsbury's kid's sausage & mash 250g
7662706 by Sainsbury's good pulled port 380g
7691346 Be Good to Yourself chicken dinner 350g
7691349 Be Good to Yourself sausage & root veg mash 400g
7691342 Be Good to Yourself nutritionally balanced ham hoc & sweet potato mash 400g
7691337 Be Good to Yourself nutritionally balanced minced beef casserole 400g


  • Rachel A.
    Includes the frozen mash. Almost blew up my microwave.
  • Albi
    Talking of recalls,
  • cherry
    Honda airbags are not being recalled as this article says.
  • samuri
    So all Sainsbury's food is made at the same place! reminds me of Duff beer
  • Kathleen C.
    I received a letter from Sainsbury's on 16th May 2015 informing me of the 'possible presence of tiny metal pieces in a Be Good to Yourself Fish Pie w hich they had now withdrawn from the shelves. Well I have now eaten mine as I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I seem to be okay. I see from your website that there are literally dozens of recalled items from the ready made section. this was not explained in my letter. So thank you fro this information.

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