PRODUCT RECALL: Next recall Heart Kettles due to loose handle

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 15.48.26 Bit worrying! Have you got one of these Next Heart Kettles?

Well, if you have you might want to check the batch code as Next are recalling some of these due to the possibility that the handle could detach from the unit.

If you've got one, check whether it features one of the following codes:

QL8431134, QL8431147, QL8451871, QL8451884, QL8458638, QL8458641, QL8451053, QL8451066, QL8451790, QL8451800, QL8457778, QL8457817, QL8457820

Not sure where to look for it? This should help...

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 15.51.17

If your kettle is from one of these batches, you should stop using it immediately and contact Next. You can call them on 0333 777 8185 to arrange a collection, or return it to your local store. If you have given any of these items as a gift, please ask the recipient to contact Next.


  • Big M.
    Here we go.... lots of people posting (using their full name) asking if, what and how they get their kettle fixed, repaired, shot into space.
  • jim
    are they getting steamed up...........? i'll just get my coat

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