Product Recall: Lidl window handles open when locked

lidlhandles Have you bought a security window handle from Lidl? Well, they've just issued a safety notice about them that you should be aware of. And no, it isn't one of those recalls where you'll roll your eyes about someone needing common sense - this is about a product that isn't doing what it is supposed to be doing?

Okay? Good.

They say: "Lidl UK is recalling 95879 Security Window Handle as there is the possibility the window can still be opened even though it has been locked."

"If you have bought the above product return it to a Lidl UK store for a full refund. Any customers with queries or concerns can contact Customer Services on 0370 444 1234."

Get that! A secure window handle that isn't secure at all! What a load of cobblers. Anyway, you know what to do. Get over to a Lidl or ring that number...

...might be worth leaving someone in the house though, eh? You don't want to end up getting robbed now, do you ?

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