Product Recall: Kids snacks at Asda and others

There's a product recall on some snacks that are designed for kids, which are on-sale at Asda, Poundworld, and others.

Lightbody Ventures Ltd have issued their recall thanks to a possible contamination. It affects Annabel Karmel Disney tie-in products and, you can see a picture of them here.


The batches to keep an eye out for are:

Annabel Karmel / Disney Tasty Thai Mini Bakes 20g
Bar Code 506025034198
Batch code L16034
BB date 03/11/2016

Annabel Karmel / Disney Kool Korma Mini Bakes 20g
Bar Code 506025034201
Batch code L16034
BB date of 03/11/2016

Annabel Karmel / Disney Strawberry & Vanilla Mini Biscotti
Bar Code 503076502476
Batch code L16027
BB date of 27/10/2016

Please return the products to the store where you bought them for a full refund. For all other information that you'll need, click here.

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