Product Recall: Intelligent Pelican Travel Adapter could electrocute you

a1b7b290ca388bee41ed5b4713b15f51_400x400 Do you have an Intelligent Pelican travel adapter? Well, stop using it because there's been a recall on it! The company have discovered that a certain model (J-188) of their travel adapter plug has failed a screening test and has been deemed a serious risk.

By pressing hard and sliding the UK or USA pins, it can result in the European pins springing out at the same time, which would mean the European pins are live if pushed into functioning mode. That's very bad indeed.

These travel adapter plugs were sold from the September 2014 to 21st August 2015. At no time must you use this travel adapter when two sets of pins are engaged in their functioning positions. STOP USING THE PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY.

Intelligent Pelican have said that they will voluntarily recall and reimburse any of these travel adapters.

Description: Intelligent Pelican Travel Adapter

Model J-188
Black, coated in soft rubber feel and printed with Intelligent Pelican logo
Blue light activates when inserted into socket.
2 USB sockets

The company say: "We ask customers who have purchased an Intelligent Pelican Travel Adapter as stated above to return it to Intelligent Pelican Ltd after which you will be reimbursed for the adapter as well as the cost of postage incurred."

Contact details:

Intelligent Pelican Ltd

Telephone: 01 672 516 588
e-mail: [email protected]

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