Product Recall: IKEA kids' Batman outfit

IKEA has recalled a childrens' Batman fancy dress cape over safety concerns that it could strangle kids, after it transpired that a number of youngsters suffered neck injuries while wearing it.

As such, IKEA have said that any parent that has a this outfit in the house, should stop their children from playing with the Lattjo capes, immediately.

It looks like this.

batman kids outfit recall

The incidents haven't been too serious, as the children concerned were left with “marks and scratches” when “the cape got stuck and didn't detach easily enough from the children’s necks”, said IKEA. However, you invariably don't want to take any risks with something like this.

IKEA said that they were taking “precautionary measures” due to the risk of strangulation and injury.

The flatpack retailer said in a statement: "At IKEA, we have zero tolerance regarding child safety and we cannot accept that there is a risk of injury while playing."

"As an immediate and precautionary action we recall the product. IKEA will also improve future products and thereby children’s safety by putting new requirements in place."

Customers who return the Lattjo bat capes will get a full refund and proof of purchase is not required. For more information, please contact IKEA on 0203 645 0010.

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  • Mark W.
    looks like a generic 'bat' and not 'batman'.

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