Product Recall: Dunelm retro fan

fan1 Product recall time, and on this occasion, we're looking at those of you who like to cool down with something that looks like it is from the past. Like you're in Mad Men or going to Woodstock or whatever it is you're into.

The Dunelm 9" Retro Clock Fan is being recalled after the company that made them spotted a potential safety issue where the centre disk might end up coming off, which means you're delicate regions could have access to the fan blades, which of course, could lead to personal injury.

What to do? Well, you could chance it and make sure you're never poking your fingers or eyeballs near the blades, but the best thing to do is to return this product to your nearest Dunelm store for a full refund.

If you need more information, email [email protected] or if you'd like to chat to them, call 0333 777 4714.

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