Product Recall: Do you have a dangerous bottle of Prosecco?

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 14.12.37Having your favourite bottle of Prosecco smash unexpectedly might be one way to get your party started but it certainly isn't safe. Nor is it a good use of alcohol. Nope.

The FSA have today published a notice recalling bottles of The Society's Prosecco as there are concerns that the glass might shatter. If you've got one of these, you're advised to not drink it. WHAT.

The full product information is:

Product: The Society's Prosecco
Bottle size: 75cl
Lot number: L15S051, L15S092, L145322 (the lot number can be found ink-jetted on the bottle neck just below the gold rim of the foil capsule)

Do check your Prosecco reserves but be aware that this particular bottle is a mail order only (sorry posties) from The Wine Society who will have records of all customers that bought the product.

If you have bought the product, you can contact the Member Services of The Wine Society to arrange a collection and refund/credit. This can be done by phone on 01438 741177 or email to [email protected]

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