Product Recall: Costco recall swegways over plug issue

24731-b3c8f8d9748a5eede315288742530956 Costco have issued a safety notice about their Swegway/hoverboards, as they have the wrong plugs attached, which means you could end up getting electrocuted when using them!

The company are talking specifically about some of the £400 Air Runner boards, and they've sent letters out to UK customers, which details which plugs are affected. You may not have opened the letter, thinking it is junk, so keep an eye out.

The letters say: "We go to great lengths to ensure the merchandise we sell reaches the highest standards in safety and quality. We are concerned that some of our Air Runners may have an incorrect mains plug. If used, there could be a risk of electrocution."

The company have been sending out a replacement lead and plug, and the old lead needs to be binned. If you prefer, you can get in touch with Costco and sort yourself out a full refund.

The letter looks like this. For Costco's returns policies and contacts, click here.


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